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Chem Tell is where one can go to find out who is poisoning us.

Chem Tell is an independent Information Resource.

Welcome to Chem Tell. Chem Tell is an Independent Information Resource for information about the poisons that fill our World. Chem Tell has gathered useful understandable information about poisons. Sharing this information is the purpose of the Chem Tell site.
Chem Tell is not a site for those who believe that life is great with pesticides, herbicides, poisonous chemicals in our food, water, oceans, bays and air.
Chem Tell is not trying to convert anyone.
If you think everything is great, keep going , do not stop here.
Chem Tell is for those who want to learn more about the man made poisons that are affecting our health and the health of our fragile planet.
It has been well documented the connection between certain chemicals and their ability to be carcinogens (cause cancers), mutagens (cause mutations), immune stressers, and hormone mimicking.
We are poisoning our selves.
The real battle against cancer and illness should be prevention.
The battle of prevention starts in our home and in our communities. We must stop using and exposing ourselves and our families to chemicals that are known to be poisons, (immune suppressors, carcinogens, mutagens and estrogen mimickers).
As a community we cannot allow the continued drenching of our air, land, water and food with these poisons.
Chem Tell will help you find out how farming, landscaping, and lawn care are being done today without chemical poisons.
Chem Tell will help educate you to where these poisons are and the health hazards that are connected to these poisons.



Chem Tell is an independent Information resource that is supported through donations. Donations can be made to Chem Tell and sent to;
Chem Tell, c/o Arthur Kaliski
P.O.Box 1513
Amagansett, NY 11930